Starfountain Design

Space, drama and colour characterise the music of Feeling of Presence – instrumental rock for the wide screen.

Feeling of Presence is the new solo outfit of multi-instrumentalist Andreas Hack, whose former band Frequency Drift earned an international fan base with concerts all over Europe and released eight albums worldwide, which were enthusiastically received by fans and the press alike.

As guest musician, Andreas’ former bandmate, electric harpist and mellotron player Nerissa Schwarz enriches the music with a wide range of sounds, from eerie ambient soundscapes to energetic outbursts. Electric guitars, acoustic stringed instruments, analog synthesizers, digital sound generators and dynamic drums add further dazzling tones to the music, which puts immediacy and expressiveness to the fore.

Feeling of presence – the illusion that something is in the room – is a spot-on name for this haunting and deeply evocative music.